Thursday, January 8, 2015

Eight Days and Counting!

As most of you already know, I am going to be studying abroad this semester in Prague, Czech Republic! Since communication will be much more difficult in Europe and I will be in a totally different time zone, I thought that blogging would be the easiest way to keep in touch with everyone back home and let everyone know what I am up to. If you want to get in touch with me there are several options. If you have an iphone, I will be able to use iMessage whenever I have wi-fi. If you don’t have an iphone then message me on Facebook or email me (clairexmartin at gmail).  

The countdown has officially begun. I had my going-away party with all of my work friends on Wednesday night and I officially have my last shift tomorrow and then a get-together with more family and friends at my parent’s house Saturday night. The past few weeks have been insane trying to make sure I have everything ready to go. Between getting things dry-cleaned, buying extra make-up and etc., getting my banking all set up, buying random warm clothes, and a million other things that you would never think about, I have been ridiculously busy. I have also been moving things out of my house back to my parents for when I am gone which was horrible. I love my room and my house and my roommates so much! Emptying out my closet and everything else just made me want to cry. I will definitely miss my little corner of happiness here in East Texas.. So besides all of that I’ve probably called, emailed, and gone up to the school literally a hundred times the past few months to try to get everything ready.  The amount of planning and forethought that’s been required for this trip is unfathomable. I definitely didn’t think getting things together would be this stressful and time-consuming. On top of that, I’ve been working tons of shifts to save up money and trying to still have as much fun with my friends as possible, knowing that I won’t see everyone, get to do any of my favorite things, or eat any of my favorite foods for quite some time. I seriously have a list of foods and drinks I want to have one last time before I leave.

I have almost everything ready to go though! I just got my Czech money from the bank the other day. To get foreign currency, you have to have the bank order it. I wanted $300 USD which was equivalent to $6500 CZK, or koruna. If only the $5000 CZK bill was actually worth that much! I also got my Eurail pass in the mail a few days ago! I purchased the global train pass that’s valid for two months and will allow me to travel to over thirty-five different countries. I finally have all of my shopping done which I’m super happy about. I’m honestly just ready to actually pack my bags and make sure everything will fit and that I’m not over the weight limit. Packing for 4+ months is a lot harder than you would think. I’m going to check a big rolley-bag, and carry-on a duffel and backpack. Honestly though I’m really not taking that much. Quite a few people think I'm definitely not packing enough. I’m trying not to over pack though and I would much rather have plenty of room to buy things there and bring them back. Also, it’s going to be freezing cold so it doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing underneath three jackets, a scarf, beanie, boots, and two pairs of gloves anyways, right? Actually the weather there has been warmer than here the last few days. When I land the high is 40 degrees, which considering it’s like 30 degrees here in Texas right now, it shouldn't be too bad there. Texas weather is just so weird.

I’m really just ready to be there and unpack my bag. I can’t wait to explore the city and try all the different foods and beers! Ahh the beers! The Czech Republic actually invented Pilsner type beers. I've actually tried their Pilsner Urquell before and it’s delicious. They also have a beer museum that I will most definitely be visiting! I also can’t wait to meet my roommates and everyone else in the program! There’s about fifty of us from all over the country. Going to Europe is something I have always wanted to do. There are so many cities and amazing places that I have always dreamed of visiting. To know that I’m actually about to leave the US and experience a different culture and basically an entirely new world is just awesome.  It’s just surreal that I’m actually getting to go and do this! As hard as it is going to be to say goodbye to everyone and everything I know, it will totally be worth it. I’m looking forward to all the adventures, amazing places, and interesting people I’m going to meet over the next few months.

Here is a picture of my visa! (obviously with things marked out)

And here is a picture of some of my Czech money (Koruna).


  1. Have fun!!! That's great you're blogging about your trip. Can't wait to read all your adventures.

  2. kristIN, not EN... :).... miss you already. xxoo. ;)

  3. I am so proud of you Claire!!!!!!!

  4. I love your blog title! Just remember that Texas will be just where you left it but YOU will look on it anew when you return! Bon Voyage, safety first!

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