Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm in Prague!!

Well I’m in Prague! It was a long journey to get here, but there wasn’t a single mishap or problem the entire trip which I am very thankful for. I’m typing this in my apartment, but our wifi is supposed to be fixed tomorrow so I probably won’t get to actually post this till later. It’s Saturday night here but it honestly feels like Friday night to me. I’ve had about two hours of sleep in the past thirty two hours. So you can imagine I’m how I’m feeling right now.


Friday morning my mom, dad, and I met my brother for Mexican food at Ojeda’s in Dallas before going to the airport. I flew straight from DFW to Frankfurt. The flight was actually pretty good. Each seat had its own ipad-like screen that had tons and tons of movies, games, and music to choose from. I actually watched three movies over the course of the nine and a half hour flight, Brave, Monsters University, and the Maze Runner. The flight was super turbulent and there were tons of screaming kids so it was pretty difficult to sleep but I did manage about an hour nap. Also, they kept making announcements saying that there was a passenger in need of medical help so if there were any doctors, nurses, or paramedics on board to please come forward and help. They announced it like five times over the course of five hours. I never really figured out what the problem was.


After landing in Frankfurt, I seriously trekked halfway across Germany to another terminal. It was definitely weird to be alone in a foreign country with no idea where I’m going and everyone around speaking German. Even the flight attendants only really spoke German. Luckily, airports have been my second home the past year – I actually counted and I’ve been on seventeen flights in the past year alone – and I easily found my way to the right place. Actually, I had a three hour layover so the gate wasn’t posted yet for my connecting flight to Prague so I just randomly sat at a gate in the same terminal that actually turned out to be the exact gate I flew out of. Also, once there I met up with a bunch of other USAC students so that was nice. About twenty-five of us all flew together to Prague. My baggage wasn’t lost and we were all picked up by our program advisors and driven straight to our apartments.


I seriously love my apartment. I share it with four other girls, three of which are year-long students so they’ve been here since September and already know their way around so that’s nice. We have to climb a few flights of stairs to get to our apartment in this amazing building. The rooms are huge and the kitchen is really nice. It’s honestly even better than I was expecting and I already love its old-world European charm. It’s seriously darling and exactly what I dreamed of when I imagined what Prague would be like.


After unpacking my things, we went down to the bar that’s below our apartment and checked that out. Then I took an hour nap! I was seriously so exhausted. Hopefully it doesn’t mess up my sleep schedule too badly. We then went to a place in Old Town Prague for dinner with all the other USAC students and had a walking tour of the city. It’s so beautiful! I love it already. I can’t wait to explore and see everything! Tomorrow we have lunch and orientation, and then we are going shopping for groceries, necessities, etc.


The food I have already eaten on this trip is pretty funny if you know me. Actually the in-flight meal was a choice between salmon and vegetarian pasta…. Salmon on a plane in a foil box didn’t sound too safe so I opted for the pasta. I actually ate the salad too and I can honestly say it’s pretty much the first salad I’ve ever eaten. I was seriously just super hungry and I honestly had no idea when my next meal would be so I figured I better eat something while I could. Everything actually tasted okay. Then they served breakfast though and it was this weird omelet and sausage that I don’t even want to post a picture of because it was so gross. For the USAC dinner we had chicken schnitzel, basically like fried chicken, and potato salad, which I normally don’t eat but I did this time. Haha. Everything was actually pretty good.


Well that’s pretty much it so far. I’m exhausted and ready for bed. Sorry my posts are hilariously long, detailed, and probably boring, but I thought I’d let everyone know how my trip has been going so far! I seriously can’t believe this city and apartment will be my home for the next four months! It’s amazing and scary and exhilarating all at the same time. Or maybe I’m just tired. Goodnight America!

Airplane food

Walking around Prague my first night!

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